Visualizing automation’s influence on drug discovery careers

Today, the pharma sector, like many others, appears to be on the cusp of a transformation thanks to the influence of automation on drug discovery careers. Companies ranging from Insilico Medicine to Big Pharma firms like Janssen and Sanofi are putting AI at the heart of their operations. Many are increasingly recruiting workers from the tech sector.

Complex dynamics are at play amidst this shift. The integration of automation in the pharmaceutical industry is not simply a story of job loss and displacement. While 2023 will go down as notable year for layoffs in the sector, AI also promises to redefine existing jobs as create new  ones as well.

An exploration of the influence of automation on drug discovery careers

To shed light on the varying susceptibility to automation of different job roles within the pharmaceutical industry, we created the stacked bar chart below that examines thirteen roles in the industry, each evaluated on fourteen different metrics that…

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