Dostarlimab drug trials: The science behind cancer and the therapy’s future

[Image courtesy of GSK]

Cancer treatment has been a critical point for clinical diagnostics. Over the years, various treatment approaches- from naked nucleic acid-based therapy, targeting microRNAs, oncolytic virotherapy, and suicide-gene-based therapy to CRISPR/Cas-9-based therapy. More recently, drug-based therapy has also emerged as a promising area for cancer therapeutics. Regarding drug administration, a major buzz has been created around dostarlimab, whose trials have yielded substantial results. Before this discovery, a series of gene therapeutics were initiated, with varying degrees of success.

Dostarlimab was first developed by AnaptysBio and later licensed to GSK (NYSE:GSK). The trade name for dostarlimab is Jemperli.

FDA approved dostarlimab for women with recurrent or advanced dMMR endometrial cancer in April 2021. In August of the same year, GSK won FDA accelerated approval for dostarlimab fo…

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