iVWatch lands FDA clearance for continuous intravenous monitoring device

Continuous IV monitoring system developer ivWatch announced that it received FDA clearance for its new SmartTouch disposable sensor.

SmartTouch is indicated for the early detection of peripheral IV infiltration and extravasation events. The latest FDA clearance expands ivWatch’s sensor portfolio to include the single-use sensor for all patient age groups. It is miniaturized and disposable and adds functionality options for IV site placement as well, according to a news release.

When paired with the ivWatch patient monitor, the sensor helps to alert clinicians of infiltration and extravasation events often hours before they are detectable by visual or tactile examination, the company said. The Newport News, Va.-based company also issued an update for the user interface of the patient monitor to enhance clinician and patient experience.

Clinical data for the SmartTouch sensor revealed that it issued notifications for 99% of early-stage infiltrations …

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ivWatch pulls in $1.5m

Continuous IV monitoring system developer ivWatch filed an SEC Form D to confirm the sale of $1.5 million in an equity offering.

Newport News, Va.-based ivWatch is offering a total of $13 million in equity, leaving $11.5 million remaining to be sold, according to the SEC filing.

The company did not disclose the issuer size for the new notice, which made its first sale on June 19, and it does not intend for the offering to last longer than one year.

So far, two investors contributed to the offering. ivWatch did not list an intended use of proceeds, but confirmed in the filing that $1.2 million of the gross proceeds will be used for payments to executive officers, directors and/or promoters.

ivWatch is a medical biosensor technology company developing devices to improve the safety and effectiveness of intravenous therapy. The company’s technology is designed to use optical sensors to detect adverse IV events early to minimize the risk of injury.

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