Japanese precision prototypers and fabricators offer to fill supply chain gaps fast

The Japan External Trade Organization and a Chicago-area Minority Business Enterprise are partnering to offer one-on-one meetings with 10 Japanese precision prototyping and fabrication experts.

The Japanese companies work with companies such as DENSO, Omron, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Honda, Boeing, Stryker Japan and the Department of Defense, according to Itasca, Illinois-based ITA.

The companies are: MACRW, TDI Electronics, Aomi Precision, ISS Dainchi, Nakano, Koyo High Precision, Daytech Trading, Kyowa Industrial, Fujiseiki, and Nakata. They can provide small quantity precision parts shipped quickly via FedEx or UPS to help fill supply chain gaps as global disruptions persist. Some of the companies already have operations in the U.S.

The companies are available for free 30-minute Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings now through Feb. 24.

Attendees can register through ITA’s website; clicking through the registration process yields more information …

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