Improving vaccine production with advanced analytics

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This scientific, engineering and logistical achievement that is the COVID-19 vaccine is a feat unparalleled. It’s the perfect example of human ingenuity and how modern advancements can make a difference. A lot of credit, however, has to go to the rise of Industry 4.0 and the use of digital technologies like automation, computer science, and advanced analytics. In fact, automated operations, process simulation, and self-service analytics have helped pharmaceutical production processes become more agile and efficient, contributing to increased production capacity and product quality. This solution has become the production and quality control game-changer by making pharmaceutical companies more adaptive and responsive, thus improving operational processes.

Using time-series data to improve operational performance

Captured from sensors throughout the production line, t…

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How end-to-end visibility and machine learning can safeguard the vaccine supply chain

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For any vaccine, some degree of waste is expected. The problem is inspiring supply-chain companies to explore new technologies that can address a longstanding struggle.

“Before COVID-19, we often saw waste of about 8–10%,” said Ranjeet Banerjee, CEO of Cold Chain Technologies, which provides insulated packaging for drugs and biologics.

A 2019 World Health Organization report citing 2002 data concluded that between 5% and 50% of routine vaccines are wasted.

In some cases, entire pallets or freezers of vaccines are tossed out due to storage unit malfunctions that may have impacted only some vaccine vials.

In general, the biopharma industry loses roughly $35 billion each year as a result of cold-chain, according to a 2019 IQVIA report.

COVID-19 vaccines up the stakes. “COVID vaccine has ten times the complexity,” Banjree said. Not only are a variety of vaccines availabl…

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It’s time to rethink pharma supply chains

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Global supply chains have arguably seen more disruption in the past year than they have seen in decades.

Pharmaceutical supply chains were especially vulnerable in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting a rethink of supply chain management for the industry.

Another wrinkle is a recent executive order from President Biden, which prompted a review of critical supply chains including for pharmaceuticals and related supplies.

To learn more about the quickly moving landscape, we reached out to William Wappler, the founder and CEO of supply chain specialist Surgere. In the following interview, Wappler shares his thoughts on broad advances in supply chain management including the challenges and possibilities of IoT technology in the sector. He also touches on inbound and outbound logistics considerations for pharmaceutical companies.

What are some of the mo…

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