Perspectives from the front lines: Designing automation strategies for medical device manufacturers

Invio Automation has decades of experience, delivering automation solutions into medical device and life sciences manufacturing environments.

By Jeff Chu, Director, Factory of the Future Services and Charlie Shortridge, Sales Engineering Manager

Lessons learned and best practices from hundreds of engagements with our manufacturing customers

The prevalence of the word “automation” in Fortune 500 earnings calls has increased six-fold in the last 10 years. Businesses in all industries are being challenged to do more with less, and they’ve generally been successful: earnings and revenue per employee among the Fortune 500 have increased every year for the last 10 years.

That said, the imperative to automate often gets stuck when hopscotching through an organization from CEO directive down to the factory floor. From “pilot purgatory” of McKinsey fame to glacial enterprise deployments, Invio Automation has…

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Arsenal rebrands advanced automation platform as Invio

NEWS RELEASE: Arsenal’s Automation Solutions Platform Rebranded as Invio Automation

Arsenal Capital Partners (“Arsenal”), a leading private equity firm that specializes in investments in industrial growth and healthcare companies, today announced the rebranding of its advanced automation solutions platform to Invio Automation (“Invio”).

Formed through a combination of Eckhart, Inc. and Innovative Products & Equipment, Inc., Invio Automation provides high-value solutions to help customers accelerate growth in specialized markets including medical device, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing.

With its scaled engineering resources and end-to-end expertise in complex automation, the company aims to serve a targeted portfolio of growth markets supported by recognized and sustainable macro tailwinds. Invio works closely with innovative companies to design, build, implement, and maintain automation solutions in high-precision…

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