What’s next for biotech? Q4 2023 funding trends point beyond the usual suspects

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Oncology may continue be one of the hottest sectors across the pharma sector, but other therapeutic areas are catching up in terms of innovation and investment. While oncology and hematology jointly accounted for about one-third of the new FDA approvals in 2023, investors are increasingly betting on precision medicine, advanced drug delivery systems and the use of AI and machine learning for drug discovery and development.

The shift is not entirely new. In a report from late 2023, McKinsey also notes ML-enabled drug discovery, cell therapies, and gene editing continue to attract significant funding, making up over two-thirds of biotech VC deals in 2022, constituting $15.5 billion in total. The consultancy also noted that immunology had displaced oncology as the hottest therapeutic area for asset-based biotech investments, also citing allogeneic cell therapies …

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