Tolerance stack-up: Insight into the inner workings of high-density microelectronic medical devices

[Photo courtesy of Intricon]

Tolerance stack-up is a defining design concept to ensure new products are built efficiently and effectively.

 Darren Gilmer, Intricon

At a time when the future of micro miniature medical devices seems unlimited, one fundamental reality remains firmly in place — the sizes and shapes of human anatomy.

From blood vessels to ear canals, respiratory passages to neural pathways, the physical dimensions of the body available for life-saving and life-enhancing medical therapies exist within a minimum and maximum range. For medical devices, the general rule for reaching deeper into the tiniest areas of the body is “the smaller, the better.

In theory, a single medical device can do many things even in the smallest anatomical feature. In actuality, building a multi-functional micromedical tool and incorporating the electronic circuits that may be required to empower it call …

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