Testing and certification of refurbished medical equipment

By L. Matthew Snyder, Sr. Director of Certification at Intertek

Medical electrical equipment such as MRIs, anesthesia machines, surgical equipment, scanning systems, patient monitors and other types of products are a significant investment for any healthcare organization. Refurbished medical equipment, devices that are reconditioned and made comparable to new products, are becoming a realistic option for the industry given their lower costs. In fact, many original equipment manufacturers are increasingly focused on refurbishing equipment, which in turn is pushing growth of the market.

A potentially more budget-friendly approach, refurbished equipment is an appealing prospect for not only healthcare industries but for others that regularly use electrical devices. Given the increased interest in this type of product, the National Electric Code (NEC) has been updated to better ensure the safety and performance of refurbished (or reconditioned) products. Pr…

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