Interpower launches new face and plug seal kits

NEWS RELEASE: Interpower Announces Face & Plug Seal Kits for IEC 60320 C14 Inlets with IP54 Rating

Photo courtesy of Interpower

December 11, 2023 — After passing UL’s Solid Particle Protection and Liquid Ingress Protection Tests per IEC Standard 60529 (Sec. 4.2, 13.4, and 14.2.4), Interpower’s C14 inlet Face Seal Kit as well as its Plug Seal Kit was given an Ingress Protection rating of “54” (IP54) in UL’s test report. The IP54 rating (solid particle ingress level 5, liquid ingress level 4) prevents corrosive dust and solid particles from reaching the terminals while preventing liquids from short circuiting the terminals.

The IP54-rated Face Seal and Plug Seal Kits are offered in four separate part numbers:

The Face Seal Kit comes in two options: C14 Screw-mount Quick Disconnect Kit, part #83050000; and the Solder Tab Kit, part #83050010. This kit includes a made-to-fit, moisture-resistant polyur…

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