These 10 medtech companies care a lot about R&D

Of the 100 largest medical device companies, these 10 firms have spent the largest portion of their revenues on research and development.

Each year, Medical Design & Outsourcing compiles a list of the 100 largest medtech companies around the world and ranks them based on annual revenue for the most recently reported fiscal year. We also consider research and development spending because it can indicate where innovation occurs in the industry.

According to this year’s Big 100 analysis, the ranking of the companies that spent the biggest percentage of their revenue on R&D was mixed. While companies with the highest sales spent the most on R&D in previous years, that was not the case this year. Companies that are in the bottom 50 of our Big 100 list dedicated a greater portion of revenue to research.

Only one company on the R&D spenders list was ranked among the top 25 on the Big 100 – Edwards Lifesciences.

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These 10 medtech companies’ stocks performed best in 2021

(From Ishant Mishra on Unsplash)

Following a year like no other in 2020, 2021 was when many looked to rebound — including the medtech industry.

A number of medtech companies followed up a challenging, pandemic-enveloped year with impressive performances. Plenty of them had already proven in 2020 that they were capable of a quick bounce-back.

Here are 10 medtech companies that saw their stocks soar even higher in 2021:

(This list includes members of the MassDevice MedTech 100 Index of the world’s largest medical device companies. Performance is measured in stock price change from Dec. 31, 2020, to Dec. 31, 2021.)

Get the full story at our sister site, MassDevice.

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These medtech companies care a lot about research

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They’re making glaucoma-treating stents, tumor-treating fields, coin-sized CGMs and more. Discover the medtech companies that spend the most on research as a percentage of revenue.

The list comes from our annual Big 100 report, which examines the world’s 100 largest medical device companies and ranks them by revenue. (Check out our full Big 100 report here.) 

Medtech companies that have spent the most on R&D as a percentage of revenue have had much to boast about:

Glaukos’s iStent inject is an eye implant designed for cataract surgery to reduce intraocular pressure in adults with mild-to-moderate primary open-angle glaucoma. It was a Prix Galien USA Awards nominee last year.

Novocure announced in September 2021 that the FDA had granted breakthrough designation for its NovoTTF-200T liver cancer treatment system. NovoTTF-200T system is a tumor treating field…

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