Inspira to unveil new line of cardio-pulmonary bypass devices

Dagi Ben-Noon, CEO of Inspira Technologies and Dr. Benad Goldwasser, chair of the board of directors. [Image courtesy of Inspira Technologies]Inspira Technologies (Nasdaq:IINN) announced today that it plans to unveil its new Inspira ART line of medical devices.

Ra’anana, Israel-based Inspira plans to debut the devices at the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO) Conference in Seattle. 

The line of devices includes the ART100 cardio-pulmonary bypass (CPB) device for patients undergoing CPB procedures. Additionally, the company has high hopes for its ART500 device.

Inspira says ART500 represents a significant breakthrough in healthcare with an effective treatment for people facing severe breathing problems. It provides acute respiratory support for patients who may require legacy mechanical ventilation.

The company submitted the ART100 device to the FDA earlier this month. It expects ART100 to receive FDA clearance in the first half of …

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Inspira submits cardio-pulmonary bypass device for FDA clearance

Dagi Ben-Noon, CEO of Inspira Technologies and Dr. Benad Goldwasser, chair of the board of directors. [Image courtesy of Inspira Technologies]Inspira Technologies (Nasdaq:IINN) announced that it submitted its Inspira ART100 cardio-pulmonary bypass device for FDA clearance.

Ra’anana, Israel-based Inspira designed the system to transform external breathing, empowering breathing without lungs. The company anticipates potential clearance for the system in the first half of 2024. ART100’s bid for 510(k) clearance is backed by a comprehensive usability study conducted in Boston, the company said.

Inspira developed its technology to revolutionize the medical ventilation and oxygenation market. Its next-generation treatment could reduce the reliance on external mechanical ventilation machinery.

The company’s flagship ART500 rapidly elevates blood oxygen saturation levels while keeping patients conscious and alert. It aims to provide advanced blood…

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Inspira Technologies appoints new chief medical officer

Inspira Technologies this week announced it appointed Adi Rizansky Nir as chief medical officer.

Nir will play a critical role in overseeing and guiding Inspira’s medical operations and strategic initiatives. She will collaborate closely with the company’s executive leadership team, medical stage and scientific advisory board to develop and implement innovative strategies that enhance patient outcomes, streamline clinical operations and promote evidence-based practices.

“I am honored to be appointed to the position of CMO. I look forward to contributing to its mission of developing exceptional healthcare treatments, aimed at revolutionizing the treatment offered to acute respiratory patients worldwide,” Nir said in a news release. “I also look forward to directing the development of clinical strategies and planning the Company’s pipeline with the dedicated and talented team of healthcare leaders to drive innovation, improve p…

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Inspira signs OEM agreement with Terumo Cardiovascular

Inspira Technologies (Nasdaq:INN) announced today that it signed an exclusive OEM agreement with Terumo Cardiovascular.

In a news release, Inspira called Terumo Cardiovascular “experts” in oxygenation systems, heart-lung machines and monitoring systems. The agreement covers the manufacture of a flow mechanism for integration into Inspira’s products. The company designed these products for use in the extracorporeal circulation of blood during oxygenation.

The agreement may extend to integration into the Inspira ART system for acute respiratory care. ART boosts oxygen saturation levels in minutes using small volumes of blood. Inspira designed it to treat patients while awake and breathing spontaneously. This reduces the need for invasive mechanical ventilation.

“This is a very important agreement for the company, and we believe that it is in line with our strategy towards developing collaborations with the largest medical device com…

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