Ear-puffing device for migraine treatment wins FDA breakthrough designation

Nocira’s AVPI migraine treatment device [Photo courtesy of Nocira]

A handheld device that treats migraine attacks with puffs of air in a patient’s ears has been designated a breakthrough device by the FDA.

Tempe, Arizona-baed Nocira said it is the first company to announce breakthrough device designation for treating migraine attacks in both chronic and non-chronic migraine patients ages 18 and up.

The device uses “gentle, controlled puffs of air in the ears” to subtly change pressure in the external ear canal, a drug-free technology that Nocira calls Automated Variable Pulse Insufflation (AVPI).

“This therapeutically stimulates a unique combination of pressure-responsive nerve pathways from the ear into areas of the brain associated with headache pain and other migraine symptoms,” the company said yesterday in a news release.

A smartphone app controls th…

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