Innovations in Optics debuts pattern projector for 3D printing

Pattern Blazer (Image from Innovations in Optics)

Innovations in Optics announced today that it launched the Pattern Blazer LED fixed-pattern projector for 3D printing.

Pattern Blazer is designed for structured lighting and stereovision in 3D machine vision. Its applications include the determination of object shape and orientation, contour mapping of parts, surface defect detection, depth measurements, guidelines, edge detection and alignment, according to a news release.

Woburn, Mass.-based Innovations in Optics touts the Pattern Blazer as capable of projecting patterns with an intensity between five and 10 times greater at the same distance than other “high-power” LED pattern projectors for similar pattern size and wavelength. Pattern Blazer can be operated in continuous, PWM or pulsed current modes, the company said.

The projector features four LED spectra…

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