These 10 medtech companies care a lot about R&D

Of the 100 largest medical device companies, these 10 firms have spent the largest portion of their revenues on research and development.

Each year, Medical Design & Outsourcing compiles a list of the 100 largest medtech companies around the world and ranks them based on annual revenue for the most recently reported fiscal year. We also consider research and development spending because it can indicate where innovation occurs in the industry.

According to this year’s Big 100 analysis, the ranking of the companies that spent the biggest percentage of their revenue on R&D was mixed. While companies with the highest sales spent the most on R&D in previous years, that was not the case this year. Companies that are in the bottom 50 of our Big 100 list dedicated a greater portion of revenue to research.

Only one company on the R&D spenders list was ranked among the top 25 on the Big 100 – Edwards Lifesciences.

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Inari Medical plans manufacturing operations in Costa Rica

Inari Medical executives attended a ceremony in Costa Rica announcing the new manufacturing site. [Photo courtesy of CODE Development Group]

Inari Medical plans to have up to 600 employees at a manufacturing facility in Costa Rica’s Evolution Free Zone, the high-tech business park said.

The medical device developer will initially invest $15 million for a building totaling more than 7,000 m² in Tacares de Grecia, Evolution Free Zone said in a news release.

Inari Medical will have more than 300 employees in the first phase and plans to double that in the second phase.

“The rapid market uptake of our specially designed tools for treating patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE) and other vascular diseases led us to make the decision to build a high-volume manufacturing facility, which will help us meet this growing global demand,” Inari Medical Operations SVP Paul Koehn said in th…

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Medtech jobs: The world’s largest medical device companies are hiring

Medical device companies are trying to fill thousand of medtech jobs. [Photo by ijeab –]

The world’s largest medical device companies are still hiring for medtech jobs despite layoffs in tech and other industries.

Medtech developers — and medtech jobs — are resilient, with the industry’s COVID-19 pandemic performance only bolstering its recession-proof reputation.

That’s not to say there haven’t been job cuts in medtech, led by thousands of layoffs at Philips as it struggles with a massive recall of deadly respiratory devices. But most medical device manufacturers are still hiring, and in some cases they can’t attract enough candidates to fill every vacancy in a tight labor market.

Stryker, for example, grew to approximately 51,000 employees as of the end of 2022, increasing its headcount by nearly 11 percent last year. Boston Scientific reported nearl…

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Medtech sales reach a record high as R&D spend and employee counts climb

The Medtech Big 100: The world’s largest medical device companies

The medtech industry is bouncing back from the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an analysis of our Medtech Big 100 data.

The medical device industry has seemingly recovered from the economic headwinds caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Medical Design & Outsourcing analysis of financial data from the Medtech Big 100, 100 of the largest medical device companies’ most recent annual results.

More than half of the companies listed in this year’s Big 100 ranking reported positive growth over their prior-year sales. Total revenue, research spending and employment figures were up significantly as the industry adjusts to a world with COVID-19 challenges.

For this analysis, we compared the performance of the Medtech Big 100 companies in 2021 and early 2022 with their results in 2020. Due to t…

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