Ariste Medical co-founder sees great potential for drug-coated implants and orthopedics

Lisa Jennings [Photo courtesy of Ariste Medical]

It’s been more than a decade since Lisa Jennings launched not one but two companies in the Great Recession.

In 2020, she sold CirQuest Labs to MLM Medical Labs, where Jennings serves as chief scientific officer and managing director of U.S. operations.

More recently, her pre-commercial medtech development startup, Ariste Medical, won FDA 510(k) approval for its antibiotic-coated hernia mesh in March.

You can expect more to come from that technology, Jennings told Medical Design & Outsourcing in an interview covering future applications, the drug-device development process and what she’s learned through it all.

“We hope this encourages thinking about more ways of mitigating complications with implantable devices,” Jennings said. “There are so many possibilities out there, new drugs being developed all the time…

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