3D printing could enable a new cancer treatment

Imcomet’s M-Duo device next to M&M candy for scale [Photo courtesy of Imcomet]

A medtech startup trying to treat skin cancer in a new way used 3D printing to solve a big problem with their tiny device.

Rotterdam-based Imcomet’s experimental M-Duo technology uses miniature needles to continuously flush fluid through skin cancer tumors: one needle injects the carrier fluid and the other aspirates it, collecting carried fluid plus interstitial fluid and any soluble biomarker molecules that get mixed in.

“The needles stop in the dermis,” Imcomet Chief Technical Officer Alex Motta said in an interview with Medical Design & Outsourcing. “They don’t touch any nerves, they don’t go where there is any blood circulation. You just extract the fluid that is in there and you can get the same as what you have in plastma,”

Worn as a skin patch, this noninva…

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