Illumina, Merck launch test for cancer development, progression insights

[Image from Illumina/Merck]Illumina (Nasdaq:ILMN) announced today that it launched a new research test, co-developed with Merck (NYSE:MRK).

The jointly developed test adds the assessment of a new genomic signature to the already distributed TruSight Oncology 500 assay, enabling researchers to unlock deeper insights about the tumor genome by identifying genetic mutations used in the evaluation of homologous recombination deficiency (HRD). HRD, a genomic signature, describes when cells are unable to effectively repair double-stranded DNA breaks, an occurrence that can lead to genomic instability and eventually tumor formation.

According to a news release, the new test will be made available globally, excluding the U.S. and Japan. The two companies originally announced that they partnered in September 2021 to develop and commercialize tests that identify genetic mutations used in the assessment of HRD.

“HRD status has emerged as an important biomarker …

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Moody’s warns of cybersecurity, antitrust and supplier risks for medical device companies

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Medical device companies face heightened cybersecurity burdens, antitrust enforcement and supplier risks, according to a new report out of Moody’s.

The research firm’s previous quarterly report in February called attention to continued supply chain and labor problems for medtech.

Below are the key highlights for medical device companies from the latest report.

Medical device cybersecurity

The report flagged legislative proposals for new rules and regulations on medical device developers and manufacturers, including new cybsecurity rules.

“The industry is ripe for increased oversight of cyber risks,” the analysts wrote in their report. “We have identified the sector as having a medium high exposure to cyber risk. And our survey of rated healthcare issuers indicates that medical de…

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Medtech M&A: The industry’s biggest mergers and acquisitions of 2021

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Across 2021, medtech has seen a wide range of mergers and acquisitions covering several areas of devices, pharmaceuticals and more.

Some have gone off without a hitch, while others fell into serious scrutiny as mouthwatering financial figures were revealed and major technologies were acquired.

Here are the 10 biggest mergers and acquisitions in medtech in 2021:


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Illumina may buy back Grail

Illumina (NSDQ:ILMN) may acquire Grail for more than $8 billion — four years after it spun out the cancer detection startup.

That’s according to a Bloomberg report out yesterday, which cited people familiar with the matter.

Analysts told Bloomberg that the acquisition would put Illumina — a giant in the DNA sequencing space — in direct competition with its customers. But the potential of Grail’s early cancer detection tech may be too good for Illumina to pass up.

Grail has been preparing for an IPO on the Nasdaq, where it would trade under the symbol GRAL. It plans to commercially launch its Galleri early cancer detection test next year.

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