Icosavax shares positive early results for VLP vaccine candidate against RSV

The biopharma Icosavax (Nasdaq:ICVX) has announced positive topline interim results from its Phase 1/1b clinical trial of IVX-121, a vaccine candidate with a prefusion stabilized Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) F antigen.

The Phase 1 portion of the study enrolled 90 healthy young adults between 18 and 45. The Phase 1b portion included 130 healthy adults aged 60 to 75.

IVX-121 had a robust immunologic response to RSV. In addition, Icosovax noted that the vaccine candidate achieved comparable Geometric Mean Titer (GMT) levels at Day 28 in both age groups.

Seattle-based Icosavax noted that the vaccine candidate had a favorable tolerability profile with no vaccine-related serious adverse events.

“Importantly, we believe these Phase 1/1b data provide initial validation of our underlying VLP technology. They also reaffirm our strategy to combine multiple pathogen targets in one vaccine,” said Adam Simpson, CEO of Icosavax, in a news release. “As plann…

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Icosavax stock tanks after announcing disappointing interim SARS-CoV-2 Phase 1/2 results 

Icosavax (Nasdaq:ICVX) saw its stock skid 65.5% to $4.26 in mid-day trading after announcing interim results from an ongoing Phase 1/2 trial of IVX-411, a virus-like particle vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2.

After going public last July, the company’s stock hit a peak of $39.73 on September 3.

Initial data from IVX-411 was comparable or below human convalescent sera control in previously unvaccinated individuals.

Three weeks after receiving the second vaccine dose, participants’ responses were up to 154 IU/mL across dosage groups in the live virus neutralization assay and up to 592 BAU/mL across groups in the spike IgG assay. The corresponding human convalescent sera control figures were 281 IU/mL and 361 BAU/mL, respectively.

In previously vaccinated participants, an IVX-411 booster drove up neutralizing antibody titers 5x to 599 IU/mL for wild-type virus after 28 days. For the omicron variant, neutralizing antibody titers were a…

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