Shimadzu launches LabSolutions MD software for high-performance liquid chromatography

Analytical instrumentation specialist Shimadzu has introduced LabSolutions MD software that supports analytical method development for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

The software offers established method scouting functionality and supports automated column and solvent screening, Shimadzu reports that LabSolutions MD offers swift identification of ideal separation conditions using design of experiments (DoE).

The company reports that the software can boost efficiency given its multifactorial design, limiting the need for a sizable number of experiments to determine a suitable separation method with complex samples.

Conversely, the software only demands a limited amount of experimental data to create a defined design space.

In addition, the software offers computer simulation and retention modeling capabilities in this design space to reduce the risk of human error while also yielding data-driven decisions on separation conditions.<…

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