Rice Biotech Launch Pad plans to make Houston a top-tier biotech hub

Rice Biotech Launch Pad: A collaboration hub at TMC’s Helix Park. [Image courtesy of TMC Helix Park | Texas Medical Center]

Houston boasts many world-class assets that have made it a formidable player on the global stage. From the world’s largest medical complex to mission control for the cosmos, few other cities can compete with its diverse strengths. Houston is also home to the prestigious Rice University, renowned for its leading science and engineering programs.

Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, has not traditionally been a leader in biotechnology, but Rice University’s new Rice Biotech Launch Pad aims to change that. As Omid Veiseh, director of the Launch Pad, explains, “What we wanted with the Launch Pad was something different.” The goal is to capitalize on Rice’s research strengths and the vast medical expertise at the nearby Texas Medical Center.

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