Regeneron agrees to spend up to $213M to acquire Decibel Therapeutics 

To date, 2023 is shaping up to be a relatively brisk year for M&A deals. A recent case in point is Regeneron’s acquisition of Decibel Therapeutics. The centerpiece of the deal is DB-OTO, a gene therapy intended for patients with otoferlin-related hearing loss. The drug is in its first clinical trial. Regeneron agreed to pay $4.00 per share for Decibel stock with the potential to pay up to $3.50 per share in cash if Decibel hits agreed-upon regulatory milestones for DB-OTO in a specified time frame, bringing the total value of the deal to roughly $213 million.

Last year, Decibel touted DB-OTO’s ability to support otoferlin expression for several weeks before it plateaued. The company said the data for the drug were in line with earlier preclinical research in which mice achieved a functional recovery.

Involved in transmission of sound signals in the inner ear, the protein otoferlin is essential for hearing. Deficiency or mutations in the gene that produces o…

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