When will drug development have its ChatGPT moment? Inside ambitious AI initiatives at Sanofi and Medable

In episode 4 of Ai Meets Life Sci, Kayleen Brown, managing editor at DeviceTalks and Brian Buntz, pharma and biotech editor, chat with Helen Merianos, Ph.D., head of R+D portfolio strategy at Sanofi and Michelle Longmire, MD, CEO of Medable. The focus? The two-fold application of AI in their respective companies’ technologies, both for scientific advancement and business productivity, were central themes. Sanofi is applying AI across the company, encouraging an inquisitive culture around product development. AI also aids in making more data-driven investments across various domains. Medable is tapping AI to build a culture of invention as decentralized clinical trials become more operationalized and scalable.

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Sanofi embraces AI for improved decision-making

In a June 2023 press rele…

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9 tips for implementing AI in medical devices from a Medtronic executive

Patients and healthcare providers remain at the core of successful AI implementations in medtech. [piai/Adobe Stock]

It seems like artificial intelligence (AI) is ubiquitous in the healthcare landscape, but the technology remains nascent in the industry. Technologies ranging from machine learning to natural language processing and beyond promise to help make diagnoses and treatment more precise, efficient, and personalized.

But the allure of AI can sometimes overshadow the central goal of addressing tangible clinical problems.

During his talk at DeviceTalks West, Ha Hong, chief AI officer at Medtronic Endoscopy, underscored the importance of putting patients and healthcare providers at the forefront when incorporating AI into medical devices.

With a plethora of AI tools at our disposal — many of which are increasingly user-friendly — the onus is on us to wield them responsibly. Below, you’ll find …

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Quantum leaps in drug discovery? NobleAI joins forces with Microsoft while King’s College London aligns with Kvantify

[Production Perig/Adobe Stock]

The word “revolutionize” gets thrown around a lot in describing the potential of emerging technologies. But quantum computing could make good on the promise to disrupt healthcare applications ranging from drug discovery to medical imaging. Theoretically, a quantum computer with 300 quantum bits (qubits) could crunch more calculations in an instant than there are atoms in the visible universe. Because qubits can exist in multiple states at once, quantum computers can bring powerful parallel processing to fields where exploring a vast solution space is required, including drug discovery and material science.

It’s no wonder that the computing branch, which remains in its infancy, is attracting a growing amount of attention as it inches towards practical applicability. In May, Insilico Medicine said it was exploring the use of quantum computing and generative AI to help ide…

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Radiology reimagined: Bayer and Google see AI as a win for practitioners and patients

AI is set to continue making inroads in radiology in the coming years, according to two executives from Bayer and Google.

In an interview at Google Cloud Next, Bayer’s Guido Mathews and Google Cloud’s Shweta Maniar highlighted the transformative influence of the technology on the radiologist’s workflow, the increasing integration of AI into radiological education, and its potential to mitigate burnout and reduce error rates.

Bayer offers contrast agents and injectors for major radiology modalities, including CT, MRI, an angiography.

In addition to focusing on radiology, Bayer Pharmaceuticals is using generative AI models like Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and Med-PaLM 2 to streamline drug development. Bayer is also using Google’s high-performance computing resources for quantum chemistry calculations.

AI’s radiological reboot

In 2016, deep learning pioneer Geoffrey Hinton predicted that AI systems would outperform radiologists by 2021…

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How 11 Big Pharma companies are using AI

[metamorworks/Adobe Stock]

Pharma companies are ramping up their reliance on AI in drug discovery, clinical trials and manufacturing. Bloomberg recently frame the technology as providing a $50 billion opportunity to the sector. GlobalData noted that the pandemic played a role in stoking interest in AI. But given the hype often surrounding the technology, it can be difficult to gauge actual impacts and outcomes of such initiatives, which largely  remain undisclosed.

The pharma industry faces mounting pressures to discover and develop new drugs faster and at lower costs. AI has emerged as a promising tool to help overcome long-standing challenges like high failure rates, lengthy development timelines, and resource inefficiency.

While pharma companies are making big bets on AI, the actual impacts and outcomes of many initiatives remain largely behind the scenes. Still, there are some examples that provide…

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Ready, set, analyze: Amazon Omics unveils new Ready2Run workflows

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced a significant expansion of Amazon Omics at the annual AWS Life Sciences Executive Symposium in Boston. Amazon Omics, which the company introduced last year, helps life science organizations to store, query and analyze genomic, transcriptomic and other omics data.

Other similar tools include Qlucore Omics Explorer, Genospace, StrandOmics, Signals Translational and the publicly-funded academic-developed platform Galaxy.

Omics data encompass genomics, transcriptomics and other related fields, providing a comprehensive understanding of the genetic, transcriptional and functional elements of biological systems. Such data, instrumental for researchers studying biological systems, plays a vital role in modern drug discovery and development.

Amazon Omics introduces Ready2Run workflows

AWS aims to distinguish Amazon Omics in the marketplace through its comprehensive managed service approach and unique features such as …

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