FDA clears HD Medical’s smart stethoscope

The HD Steth system [Image courtesy of HD Medical]

HD Medical said today that it’s secured FDA clearance for its HD Steth, which uses artificial intelligence to enable clinicians to perform an advanced cardiac evaluation at point-of-care.

The FDA clearance covers all three product classification codes of DQD, DQC and DPS for an electronic stethoscope, phonocardiograph and electrocardiograph — all combined into one device. Four microprocessors back up the HD Steth technology, with components and sensors fro Maxim Integrated Products enabling lower power consumption and better accuracy.

“The quality and intensity of heart sounds are phenomenal on HD Steth, and it delivers the most impressive sound quality advancements in my last 40 years of stethoscope use,” said Dr. Ethiraj Raj, a cardiovascular disease specialist in Flint, Mich.

“The opportunity to amplify the sounds along with simultaneous v…

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