FDA clears Apple Watch app for tracking Parkinson’s from H2o Therapeutics

[Image from H2o Therapeutics]H2o Therapeutics announced recently that the FDA cleared its prescription mobile app, Parky, for monitoring Parkinson’s disease.

Ankara, Turkey–based H2o’s Parky app monitors symptoms including tremors and dyskinesia in real-time through the Apple Watch. In addition, the tool allows users and medical professionals to share meaningful and reliable data.

In a news release, the company said the app leverages the Apple-developed Movement Disorder API tool. As a result, the app helps medical professionals develop a clinical profile of the patient outside of the clinic.

H2o said its app strengthens the possibility of data-driven, tailored treatment procedures. The company noted that Parky bridges the gap between real-life and in-clinic settings.

“As a woman-founded, non-VC-backed company based in Turkey, receiving our first 510(k) clearance is a huge milestone for us. We believe Parky will bring great value to…

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