Potential bioelectric applications of organic mixed ionic–electronic conductors

Researchers in Korea say they found a way to potentially accelerate the development of high-performance organic electrochemical transistor devices with tunable transient responses.

Organic mixed ionic-electronic conductors (OMIECs) offer potential bioelectric applications. Researchers at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) used the transistors as platforms for testing the molecular orientation and ion injection directionality-dependent transient properties of OMIECs.

Potential applications for OMIECs include computing and bio-fuel cells in addition to bioelectronics. The researchers say that, to ensure a wider acceptance of these materials, there remains a need to diversify their properties and develop techniques for application-specific OMIEC tailoring. They cite a “severe” lack of research on the molecular orientation-dependent transient behaviors of such conductors.

The team at GIST, consisting of researchers from both K…

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