LightDeck picks GS Plastic Optics for COVID-19 test ramp up

The LightDeck COVID-19 total antibody test device [Photo courtesy of LightDeck Diagnostics]

LightDeck Diagnostics has selected GS Plastic Optics to make optical components for its new COVID-19 antibody testing platform.

Boulder, Colorado-based LightDeck developed a screening platform to deliver results as quickly as five minutes for SARS-CoV-2 ultra-rapid antigen and COVID-19 total antibody tests, using a laser waveguide with a consumable cartridge for each testing sample. 

Rochester, New York-based GS Plastic Optics (GSPO) will be the lead source for that highly-engineered laser waveguide, requiring a $5 million expansion in Rochester for an 8,000-square-foot addition to the injection molding facility and additional presses, tooling and ancillary equipment.

Funds for the GSPO expansion will come out of a $35 million federal contract to expand LightDeck’s monthly test production capacity from 50,0…

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GS Plastic Optics boasts reduced turn-around times

GS Plastic Optics (Rochester, N.Y.) is touting how it has reduced lead times for its single-point diamond turning point operations.

The result, according to GS Plastic Optics, is that it is now capable of turn-around times as little as 4–6 weeks depending on material availability and design complexity. The company achieved reduced lead times through new hires and equipment purchases.

GSPO often diamond turns acrylic (PMMA), COP (Zeonex and Zeonor), Styrene, Polyester (OKP-1 and OKP-4) and other select materials into short-run or prototype plastic optics.

The company produces precision optics for the consumer, medical, instrument LED lighting, and biomedical and analytical instrument marketplaces.



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