How medtech could be affected by a U.S. government shutdown

[Image from Unsplash]The FDA is expected to continue much of its operations if the U.S. government shuts down this weekend, while CMS and the NIH face some government shutdown uncertainties.

The critical deadline for lawmakers in the U.S. to extend federal funding is rapidly approaching, and House Republicans have yet to reach an agreement over passing a bipartisan deal that would prevent a government shutdown. The shutdown would affect Americans’ lives in many ways, including the closure of national parks, museum closures, airport delays, federally-funded infrastructure work and more. However, essential services would continue, and that includes most operations at the FDA.

Presently, the FDA has carryover user fee funding that allows for the agency to continue operations of certain activities, including the regulation of human and animal drugs, biosimilar biological products and medical devices.

Medical device user fees support the review and approva…

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