Phillips-Medisize, GlucoModicum partner on needle-free CGM

The Talisman CGM for non-invasive diabetes management. [Image courtesy of GlucoModicum/Phillips-Medisize]Molex company Phillips-Medisize today announced a partnership with GlucoModicum to design a new continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

The companies teamed up to design and eventually commercialize a proprietary, non-invasive, wearable CGM device. They aim to remove the technology and patient-care roadblocks that exist within continuous glucose monitoring.

Phillips-Medisize develops drug delivery, in vitro diagnostic and medtech devices. Finland-based GlucoModicum utilizes magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology to quickly and easily extract a glucose sample. This technology applies a small amount of energy directly to interstitial fluid to drive it to the surface of the skin.

The device utilizing this technology, called Talisman, adheres to a patient’s arm. It integrates MHD technology, ultra-sensitive biosensors and advanced algorithms while connecting t…

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