Forecasting the future of urology with Boston Scientific’s Meghan Scanlon

Meghan Scanlon is a senior vice president at Boston Scientific and president of its urology and pelvic health business. [Photo courtesy of Boston Scientific]

Meghan Scanlon, Boston Scientific’s president of urology and pelvic health, discusses the field and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The urology specialty faces a critical moment, with 10 urologists ready to retire for every new urologist entering the field, said Meghan Scanlon, SVP and president of urology and pelvic health at Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX)

That puts the onus on medical device companies to develop faster, safer and more efficacious ways to break down kidney stones, shrink enlarged prostates and handle other critical treatments.

In an interview with our DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, Scanlon laid out Boston Scientific’s plans to build a broad platform of scopes, imaging and AI to aid urologists.

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