These magnetically controlled video capsules could provide an endoscopy alternative

The ANX Robotica capsule used by researchers. [Image courtesy of GW]

Researchers at George Washington University developed a method for remotely driving a miniature video capsule into problem areas of the stomach.

Physicians can direct the capsule to these areas to visualize and photograph potential problem areas. This technology utilizes an external magnet an handheld video game-style joysticks. Altogether, it enables physicians to move the capsule in three dimensions within the stomach, nearing the capabilities of traditional, tube-based endoscopy. Medical technology company AnX Robotica funded the research. The company created the capsule endoscopy system used in the study, called NaviCam.

Andrew Meltzer, a professor of emergency medicine at the GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences, led the research. According to GW’s website, he gained interest in this type of endoscopy after seeing firs…

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