Inside Genoskin’s quest to use human skin scraps to accelerate drug research

“How do you maintain human skin alive so that you can generate data from what would otherwise be trash?” asked Eric Merle, chief business innovation officer of Salem, Massachusetts–based Genoskin. “We work with surgical discards.”

Founded a decade ago, Genoskin collects human skins from cosmetic surgeries such as face-lifts and abdominal surgeries that would otherwise be waste to foster research on new drugs and cosmetics. 

“Many people worldwide are undergoing plastic surgery, yielding tissue,” Merle said. 

Keeping the skin preserved requires “pretty tight logistics,” Merle said. “We have the logistics of an organ transplant company.” 

The MANTIS spatial biology imaging platform for skin immunology. Image courtesy of Genoskin.

The resultant skin models preserve the characteristics of real human skin. 

The company has a variety of product types. One is HypoSkin, an alternative to …

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