Recursion partners with NVIDIA to unveil Phenom-Beta, democratizing access to its $1 Billion phenomics investment

In sync with the JP Morgan Health Care Conference, Recursion Pharmaceuticals has unveiled Phenom-Beta, a deep learning model designed to transform cell microscopy images into meaningful biological representations. “Phenom-Beta allows you to take images of human cells from a microscope or other sources and turn them into mathematical representations of biology,” said Chris Gibson, CEO of Recursion, in an NVIDIA-hosted call with journalists.

Hosted on the NVIDIA BioNeMo platform, Phenom-Beta is the company’s first in a potential series of foundation models for external use. The name “Phenom-Beta” references both “phenomenal” and “phenomics.” The scientist Steven A. Garan coined “phenomics” in 1996 to refer to the study of phenotypes, the observable characteristics or traits of an organism influenced by genetic predisposition and environmental factors.

Recursion bets the new frontier in phenomics could echo the rise of genomics

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Expanding genomic analysis: Inside NVIDIA Parabricks integration with Amazon Omics

Following the recent expansion of Amazon Omics, as covered in our previous article “Ready, set, analyze: Amazon Omics unveils new Ready2Run workflows”, we wanted to explore the role of third-party providers in shaping the landscape of genomic analysis and bioinformatics. NVIDIA is one of these providers. The GPU company has worked to integrate their Parabricks Ready2Run workflows into Amazon Omics, adding new capabilities to the platform.

To get a better sense of NVIDIA’s role and perspective in this domain, we reached out to Jason Fenwick, genomics business development at the company. In the following interview, Fenwick touches on topics ranging from the unique aspects of NVIDIA’s Parabricks Ready2Run workflows to the acceleration of genome analysis over CPU-based tools. He also explores the company’s collaboration with the GATK team at the Broad Institute, and muses on the company’s NVIDIA AI Enterprise offering.

What distingu…
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Ready, set, analyze: Amazon Omics unveils new Ready2Run workflows

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced a significant expansion of Amazon Omics at the annual AWS Life Sciences Executive Symposium in Boston. Amazon Omics, which the company introduced last year, helps life science organizations to store, query and analyze genomic, transcriptomic and other omics data.

Other similar tools include Qlucore Omics Explorer, Genospace, StrandOmics, Signals Translational and the publicly-funded academic-developed platform Galaxy.

Omics data encompass genomics, transcriptomics and other related fields, providing a comprehensive understanding of the genetic, transcriptional and functional elements of biological systems. Such data, instrumental for researchers studying biological systems, plays a vital role in modern drug discovery and development.

Amazon Omics introduces Ready2Run workflows

AWS aims to distinguish Amazon Omics in the marketplace through its comprehensive managed service approach and unique features such as …

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