Ultrasonically welded flow sensor critical to success of Hamilton Medical ventilator design

The body of the Hamilton Medical proximal flow sensor consists of two molded halves composed of medical-grade plastic. Between the two halves, a ring-shaped insert holds a delicate membrane with a variable orifice that detects changes in air direction and flow within the patient airway, transmitting inhalation/exhalation inputs to the ventilator digital control through two small tubes linked to the ports at center right. These inputs are used to minutely regulate air pressure and flow in real time. [Photo courtesy of Hamilton Medical]

The disposable sensor monitors ventilation of critically ill patients with high precision.

Didier Perret, Emerson

Hamilton Medical (Bonaduz, Switzerland) produces intelligent ventilation solutions for intensive-care units and critical-care transports. To meet the exploding demand for ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamilton Medical established a new ventilator produ…

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