March 2023 Issue: Incredible enabling technologies

Stryker on steroids: How enabling technology will supercharge surgical robotics

How Penumbra’s smart-sucking algorithms and catheters speed up clot removal

What Abbott learned about COVID-19 and cardio devices

Genascence believes gene therapy can transform the treatment of knee osteoarthritis

What to expect in diabetes care in 2023

Incredible enabling technologies

The FDA has cleared or approved more than 500 devices enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning, and the list keeps getting longer.

Medtech AI is helping physicians diagnose, treat and monitor patients like never before. Sometimes the software works as a medical device all on its own. But the real fun starts when device developers pair software with other enabling technologies like robotics, miniaturization, 3D printing and advanced materials.

For example, take Stryker…

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