Device makers have an unexpected ally for at-home health care

Best Buy’s Geek Squad increased set-up speed in a program for remote management of chronic conditions and improved patient adherence. [Photo courtesy of Best Buy]

Who would have thought that  Best Buy could help medical device developers improve patient adherence?

But that’s what the big box retailer said this week after sending specially trained Geek Squad employees to set up remote monitoring devices for patients in their homes for more than a year.

Richfield, Minnesota-based Best Buy and Danville, Pennsyvlvania-based health system Geisinger partnered on remote patient monitoring through Geisinger’s ConnectedCare365 chronic care management platform. They used Geek Squad employees to deliver the devices, activate them, and educate patients on how to use them — including troubleshooting if needed later. The Geek Squad employees were able to replace devices within 24 hours if there w…

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