G Medical Innovations ECG Patch receives FDA EUA for use in COVID-19 patients

G Medical Innovations recently announced that it received FDA emergency use authorization for its vital signs monitoring system ECG patch for remote monitoring of patients who are being treated for COVID-19.

The patch monitors the QT interval of an ECG in patients to watch for fatal arrhythmias that may occur from treatment drugs. Prolonged QT intervals could indicate a rhythm disorder in the heart, according to the company. The condition can lead to fainting, seizures or sudden death.

“This authorization from the FDA is an outstanding development for G Medical and its value cannot be underestimated. It is heartening to see that our technology has been recognized as being able to help ease the burden of COVID-19 on the US healthcare system,” CEO Yacov Geva said in a news release.

Under the emergency use authorization, the FDA said that “there is no adequate, approved and available alternative to the emergency use of the VSMS Patch for r…

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