Abbott and Fujirebio work on neurological biomarker assay for researchers

Abbott announced that it entered into a partnership with Fujirebio to develop a research use only neurofilament-light chain (Nf-L) neurology biomarker assay.

The companies partnered to create this assay for use on Abbott’s Alinity i instruments. Abbott plans to make the assay available to researchers conducting studies demonstrating the utility of the Nf-L biomarker. Research with this biomarker is already ongoing in a variety of neurological diseases, according to a news release, including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury and cognitive impairment.

Abbott and Fujirebio plan to make this assay available for Alinity i by 2025. It’s the first research use only assay set to be brought to the Alinity i system. Abbott wants to explore the research use pathway for other new biomarkers to support the research community through Alinity i. It hopes to enable the faster development of diagnostics and therapeutics.

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