Dover Motion’s SmartStage XY wins design awards

Dover Motion’s SmartStage XY [Image courtesy of Dover Motion]

Dover Motion’s SmartStage XY sample positioning stage for high-resolution automated digital microscopes has been named a winner in the Design World 2021 LEAP Awards and Machine Design’s 2021 Idea awards.

The Boxborough, Massachusetts-based company said its SmartStage XY is the first of its kind high-performance sample positioning stage with built-in motion controller, drive circuit and encoder, requiring no additional instrument space for motion control electronics.

“Leading-edge life science and diagnostic instruments demand more precision to identify ever-smaller features within their samples even as the instruments themselves shrink to smaller footprints” Vice President and General Manager of Dover Motion Mark Willingham said in a news release. “SmartStage XY enables both with its unique design and unparalleled accuracy at nearl…

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