Formlabs launches new skin-safe 3D printing material for healthcare

Formlabs’ TPU 90A Powder is a new skin-safe 3D printing material. [Image courtesy of Formlabs]

NEWS RELEASE: Formlabs Introduces TPU 90A Powder, The First Elastomer Material for Fuse Series 3D Printers

Formlabs, the leading 3D printing company, is excited to announce its newest material for Fuse Series printers: TPU 90A Powder, a tough elastomer powder. This new material enables strong, functional, skin-safe parts with high tear strength and elongation.

The strength and flexibility of TPU 90A powder allows for the production of fully functional parts in-house, providing complete design freedom and a seamless workflow on the Fuse Series SLS 3D printing ecosystem. By leveraging this material, engineers and manufacturers can bridge the gap between manufacturing stages, produce fully functional prototypes, manufacturing aids and end-use parts, and take full control of their supply chain. Additionally, TP…

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Formlabs launches mass production tool for automated 3D printer fleets

Formlabs said its Automation Ecosystem offers increased 3D printing output and reduced per-part costs without adding operational complexity. [Image courtesy of Formlabs]

Formlabs introduced its Automation Ecosystem this week, allowing manufacturers to easily expand from a single 3D printer to a scalable fleet.

Formlabs said its new offering provides a three-time increase in productivity 80% labor savings, per-part-cost savings of 40% and packaging waste reduction of up to 96%. Users can send multiple prints for continuous runs overnight and into the weekend.

The Formlabs Automation Ecosystem includes:

Form Auto, which Formlabs said enables automated 24/7 printing with automatic part removal so users can level up production and reduce labor. When parts are complete, Form Auto removes finished parts and starts the next print in the queue. The hardware extension works with Form 3 and Form 3+ 3D printer…
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Affordable 3D-printed medical devices reach commercialization

Medical prints made with Formlabs 3D printers [Photo courtesy of Formlabs]

3D printer accessibility and affordability are enabling small device firms to develop and market a wave of personalized devices.

Gaurav Manchanda, Formlabs

Healthcare is becoming more efficient, and patients are beginning to expect a personalized approach. 3D printing isn’t a newly minted manufacturing technology, yet it’s reached an inflection point for bringing change in healthcare and dental applications.

Traditionally, 3D printing was prohibitively expensive and only available to the largest, best-resourced medical centers and device manufacturers. But these days, 3D printers have become more affordable and accessible. As a result, additive manufacturing is surging in healthcare as medical providers and device manufacturers tap into the ability to safely produce novel, patient-specific, biocompatible and sterilizable parts…

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Formlabs hires president for healthcare 3D printing business

Guillaume Bailliard is president of Formlabs Healthcare. [Photo courtesy of Formlabs]

Formlabs has hired Guillaume Bailliard as president of the 3D printing company’s healthcare business.

Somerville, Massachusetts-based Formlabs announced the news today, but Bailliard’s LinkedIn page said he’s been in the role since June.

He was previously CEO and president of medtech developer ControlRad, North American president for imaging device manufacturer Mauna Kea Technologies, EVP of global sales and marketing at Naviscan and ended a nine-year career at GE Healthcare as Americas X-ray sales manager.

“3D printing in healthcare is an exciting opportunity that can streamline workflows, enable precision healthcare, and improve patient outcomes. Formlabs has been at the forefront of this innovation, with solutions that have enabled the industry to capture the benefits of 3D printing technolog…

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Formlabs scores contract with Vizient to get 3D printers to health providers

Formlabs says the number of hospitals and health systems using its printers to make swabs, surgical tools and more quadrupled during the pandemic.  [Image courtesy of Formlabs]

Formlabs announced today that its 3D printers have made it into the catalog of Vizient, a major group purchasing organization for U.S. health providers.

The Vizient contract is the first for a 3D printing company seeking access to the healthcare market. Officials at Somerville, Massachusetts–based Formlabs said the deal demonstrates the increased demand at hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers for 3D printed surgical tools and medical supplies amid pandemic-related supply chain problems.

When traditional manufacturers were unable to meet the demand for nasopharyngeal swabs for COVID-19 testing, Formlabs 3D printers picked up the slack and produced 70 million, according to the company. Formlabs says the number of hospitals and h…

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3D Printing to Enable Cheaper and Faster Medical Device Development

3D printing brings digital fabrication in-house, minimizing cost and time to enable more nimble product development and more personalized care from R&D all the way through to production. Medical device firms are already implementing 3D printing to bring better products to market and dynamically respond to changing demands.

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