Fluoride nanoparticles could hold promise in treating Alzheimer’s

Beta amyloid plaques. [Image courtesy of NIH]

An international team of researchers has identified a technique that uses fluoride nanoparticles to potentially eliminate protein deformations. The method, which also can promote positive structural changes, could lead to the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The scientists from Tokyo University of Science (TUS) in Japan and Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan published the research in ACS Applied Bio Materials.

Noting the amyloid fibrils formed with the self-assembly of denatured proteins are associated with Alzheimer’s disease, the researchers discovered that fluoride nanoparticles could alter the assembly and structure of the amyloid β protein.

Fluoride nanoparticles are used in in vivo imaging, including brain imaging applications.

In particular, the scientists reported the influence of fluoride nanoparticles and surrounding io…

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