Hiring Champagne Talent on a Beer Budget

Tips for Hiring Top Talent

You get what you pay for.

Isn’t that the truth?  Sure, we’ve all scored a deal here or there (like when your neighbor moves and offers you his nearly new Peleton for cheap), but by and large, haven’t we all learned this lesson the hard way at some point in our lives?  How about that sweet Honda Accord you got in college for such a good steal down at Fast Fred’s car lot (that you promptly discovered needed a new transmission)?

You really do get with you pay for.

How does all of this work when you’re hiring?  And what happens when you save money on the wrong hire, instead of spending money on the right hire?

A few significant things to note:

Your organization is poised to lose upwards of ½ a million dollars on the wrong hire Your team suffers morale & productivity losses that are even more costly Your reputation takes a nose dive

So how do you allocate resources to ensure you get the right hire, withou…

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