Study backs Fitterfly digital therapeutic for diabetes management

[Image courtesy of Fitterfly/JMIR Diabetes]New research published in JMIR Diabetes demonstrated the real-world effectiveness of the Fitterfly Diabetes digital therapeutic program.

The Fitterfly Diabetes CGM digital therapeutic aims to help in the management of glycemic control for people with type 2 diabetes. Led by Shilpa Joshi, Arbinder Singal, and colleagues, the study demonstrated significant improvements in blood glucose levels and weight management. It evaluated participants throughout a 90-day program.

Delivered through the Fitterfly mobile app, the program couples with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology. It offers tailored recommendations on nutrition-based, personalized glycemic response data, exercise and behavior modifications. The program aims to give individuals the tools they need to manage their condition and make long-term lifestyle changes to support health.

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