3 things medical device companies should know about the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

With nearly a decade of proceedings behind it, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) has established a record. Medtech companies can learn from it.

Timothy P. McAnulty and Daniel F. Klodowski, Finnegan

One of the key aspects of a strong patent is the owner’s ability to enforce it. And when a patent is asserted against an accused infringer in court, two core issues always arise: whether the patent is infringed, and whether it is valid.  Because there can be no infringement if the patent is not valid, attacking a patent as invalid (or “unpatentable”) is one of the primary defenses for every alleged infringer.

Patent validity can be challenged in several forums, including in court as part of an infringement litigation. It’s also possible to challenge validity through various “post-grant” procedures at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). The PTAB was created in 2012 and has become a popular forum, receiving over 10…

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DTW Podcast: Can AI, advanced imaging and robotics “democratize” surgery?

A new generation of digital surgery systems will level the playing field for surgeons giving them artificial intelligence, robotic tools and other assistive technologies.

In three interviews in this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, leaders form Asensus, ActivSurgical and Memic explain how their systems will improve surgeon performance, reduce errors, and deliver the “democratization” of surgical robotics.

Guests this week include

Anthony Fernando, CEO of Asensus Surgical (formerly Transenterix), outlines the company’s bid to push its Sehance system as a solution for laparoscopic procedures. Fernando, who took over as CEO in 2019, explains why the company’s stock crashed in 2019 and details the changes that he says has started the company’s turnaround. Senhance offers more responsive surgical tools along with data that will help with surgical training and scheduling.

Todd Usen, CEO of ActivSurgical, left a job he loved at Olympus to lead a compan…

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