How to speed through the 60601 drop test with finite element analysis

Figure 1: From 3D CAD model (left) to FEA meshed model [Image courtesy of Flex]

Finite element analysis can help design a robust mechanical architecture to pass one of the toughest tests in medical device design.

Giorgio Sardo, Flex

Time to market is a key factor for new medical product success. Designers now use modeling and simulation to pass one of the most severe tests: 60601-1, an international standard applicable to all medical electrical equipment and systems. By skipping costly trial-and-error iterations, they can quickly define the parameters for a robust mechanical architecture. Drop simulation can predict the test result and also support a failure analysis investigation.

If you’ve ever dropped your phone, your immediate concern is if it still works. Medical device users don’t experience the same anxiety if they drop their device because medical electrical equipment must meet a set of…

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