FDA publishes draft guidance for psychedelic drug development

[Ricky/Adobe Stock]

In a sign of shifting attitudes, the FDA has released draft guidance to facilitate the development of psychedelic drugs. Historically, psychedelics have a long history of use in certain cultures, such as the indigenous tribes of the Amazon Basin and Native American communities, for millennia as sacraments.These substances were used not only recreationally but also experimentally. One example is MK-Ultra, a covert U.S. government research program that explored using LSD for mind control. The Manson Family, notorious for its cult-like crimes in the late 1960s, also contributed to psychedelics’ notoriety.

This complex history, along with social and political responses to the countercultural revolution of the 1960s, contributed to a backlash against these substances. Classic psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, and DMT experienced a swift fall from mainstream favor after the 196…

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