NKGen Biotech’s SNK01 ‘natural killer’ cell therapy for Alzheimer’s gets FDA nod for clinical trial

Santa Ana, California–based NKGen Biotech has received FDA clearance to begin a phase 1/2a trial for their “natural killer” cell therapy, SNK01, designed to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. The autologous, non-genetically modified natural killer (NK) cell therapy involves extracting a patient’s own cells through a blood draw, and then processing them to enhance their natural abilities in a laboratory setting before reinfusing them into the patient’s body.

NKGEN Biotech modifies NK cells to improve their cytotoxicity and their activating receptor expression, which helps them to identify and engage with target cells. This process imparts the NK cells with the ability to target and combat the specific cells associated with Alzheimer’s.

Early data are promising

Data from a phase 1, 3 + 3 dose-escalation trial found SNK01 to be well-tolerated. The drug candidate appeared to cross the blood-brain barrier to help reduce proteins and neuroinflam…

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