Exo adds AI-powered cardiac, lung apps to handheld ultrasound

The Iris handheld ultrasound system now has clearance for AI lung and cardiac applications. [Image courtesy of Exo]Exo announced today that it launched its FDA-cleared cardiac and lung AI applications for the Iris handheld ultrasound device.

The company now has FDA clearance for five different applications on Iris — cardiac, lung, bladder, hip and thyroid. It expects to double that number by 2025.

Iris delivers high-performance medical imaging at a fraction of the size and cost of cart-based ultrasound. The system, built on Exo’s advanced silicon technology, fits in the pockets of caregivers. It enables immediate answers at the point of care for physicians, nurses, EMTs and clinicians in emergency, acute care, outpatient and home settings.

Exo unveiled the device for versatile imaging performance in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in September 2023.

The company says the launch of its latest Iris functions simplify the process of obtaining and interp…

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Exo unveils new handheld ultrasound device

[Image courtesy of Exo]Exo today unveiled its Iris handheld ultrasound device for versatile imaging performance in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS).

Santa Clara, California-based Exo said Iris delivers high-performance medical imaging at a fraction of the size and cost of cart-based ultrasound. The system, built on Exo’s advanced silicon technology, fits in the pockets of caregivers. It enables immediate answers at the point of care for physicians, nurses, EMTs and clinicians in emergency, acute care, outpatient and home settings.

Iris blends a simple user experience with powerful, real-time AI to provide instant answers at users’ fingertips. Exo’s patented SweepAI technology automatically acquires images with a sweep of the caregiver’s risk. The company says this reduces operator dependence and bias, ensuring consistent and accurate imaging.

Exo said it equipped Iris with its Bladder AI solution to help caregivers determine bladder …

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Exo tabs Kurt Hammond as new chief commercial officer

Exo announced today that it appointed healthcare software veteran Kurt Hammond as its chief commercial officer (CCO).

Hammond, a more than 30-year veteran of healthcare software brand scaling, joins from eMed Digital Healthcare. As chief growth officer there, he oversaw sales, customer success, product management, marketing and partnership development functions.

Before eMed, he led six healthcare startups, including Halo Health and Merge Healthcare, to successful exits. His background includes more than 20 mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare market. After IBM acquired Merge in 2015, Hammond became VP of global imaging sales for IBM Watson Health. He eventually earned a promotion to global VP of partnerships and business development.

Santa Clara, California-based Exo says he now holds responsibility for developing and executing a number of strategies. Those include sales, marketing, partnerships and customer success, driving the commercialization o…

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Exo inks deal to bring smart ultrasound to Germany

[Image from Exo]Exo announced today that it partnered with Sana Kliniken AG to bring its handheld ultrasound and AI to Germany.

The company aims for its platform to enable real-time decisions that improve outcomes, streamline workflows and lower costs. This partnership evaluates and deploys the point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) technology in pilot projects at two Sana Klinken clinics. Deployment, which begins in the emergency medicine, critical care and cardiac departments, kicks off this summer.

Sana Kliniken’s reach extends to more than 120 facilities, including various outpatient medical centers and 44 hospitals.

“Our two clinics are the first in Germany to use Exo’s innovative solutions,” said Dr. Jens Schick, COO of Sana Kliniken AG. “Our specialists should be able to make decisions about ultrasound diagnostics in real time and treat patients more quickly, especially in critical situations.”

The Exo POCUS solution includes…

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Exo announces new headquarters twice the size of previous space

Exo announced today that it relocated its headquarters in Santa Clara, California, doubling the size of its previous location.

The new facility at 4201 Burton Drive occupies 50,000 square feet. It features areas for manufacturing and R&D. Exo plans to continue hiring for roles in software, hardware, sales and customer success. The space also includes two state-of-the-art clinical rooms for developing and validating medical imaging advancements.

According to a news release, the headquarter relocation follows a year of rapid growth for Exo. The company increased its employee headcount by more than 20%. That overall headcount includes 150 employees based in the bay area. Exo expects its new headquarters to serve as a hub for employees across departments.

The company said its new location also resides centrally to more attractions and amenities. Those include public transportation, restaurants and shopping centers.

“We’ve had an exceptional year o…

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Exo acquires Medo AI to improve ultrasound imaging

[Image from Exo]Exo announced today that it will acquire artificial intelligence (AI) developer Medo to make ultrasound imaging faster and simpler.

Redwood City, California-based Exo intends to integrate Medo’s proprietary Sweep AI technology into its ultrasound platform to make the imaging modality more accessible to a wider range of caregivers.

No financial terms for the acquisition were disclosed.

According to a news release, Canada-based Medo’s ultrasound AI technology radically lowers the expertise required to diagnose common and critical conditions through automated image acquisition and interpretation, giving non-experts the ability to conduct high-quality exams quickly and accurately.

The company brings with it two FDA-cleared AI algorithms, as well as more in development, plus access to an extensive library of millions of ultrasound images and longitudinal health data to speed up point-of-care ultrasound adoption across the healt…

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Exo unveils cloud-based, point-of-care ultrasound offering

[Image from Exo]Exo announced today that it unveiled its Exo Works point-of-care ultrasound workflow solution.

Redwood City, California-based Exo designed Exo Works to enable physicians to easily document, review, bill and manage quality assurance all from one platform within seconds.

According to a news release, Exo aims for its Exo Works platform to make it easier to manage ultrasound exams for compliance, quality assurance, credentialing and education. Its secure, cloud-based platform can be accessed by phone, tablet or web browser and it integrates with virtually any point-of-care ultrasound device and the most common EMR and hospital PACS systems.

The company designed Exo Works’ mobile-first software to reduce the time and costs associated with accurately and securely documenting patient data while providing additional tools for real-time collaboration, credentialling and tracking key program metrics for departments and individuals.

While …

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GSK-backed venture fund APVC sees opportunities in ultrasound

Juan-Pablo Mas of APVC details the firm’s investment in EXO.

Action Potential Venture Capital, a corporate investment arm of GSK, sees therapeutic opportunities in ultrasound, according to a partner at the group.

In this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, Action Venture partner Juan-Pablo Mas explains why APCV led the recent round in Exo, a maker of the first piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (PMUT) portable ultrasound imaging technology.

Mas also updates listeners on the venture fund’s interest in exploring other types of technologies. And he introduces LatinxVc, a non-profit group he co-founded to create opportunities for newcomers to venture capital.

Trust Securities Managing Director Kaila Krum says Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) executives are retooling the company to keep pace with smaller, more focused competitors.

Breaking down the company’s Q1 analyst ca…

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