How Seer aims to remove technological barriers to studying the proteome

Founded in 2017, the proteomics Seer (Nasdaq:SEER) is building up a growing roster of customers, including pharma and biotech companies, translational and academic labs and CROs. Applications of its technology include biomarker discovery, target identification and multiomics research for cancer or other complex disease detection.

Recently, Weill Cornell Medicine and privately-held SpaceX used Seer’s proteome profiling technology to identify 50 differentially abundant proteins in astronauts postflight. In all, 22 proteins were upregulated, and 28 were downregulated across six time points collected before, during and after the flight. The proteins were “differentially changed as a function of a flight,” said Seer CEO Omid Farokhzad in a recent interview. The research could lead to a better understanding of the impact of space travel on people.

Another Seer customer, Evotec (Nasdaq:EVO), used Seer technology to analyze 105 samples from patients w…

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Evotec enters drug discovery alliance with Janssen

Evotec SE (Nasdaq:EVO) announced that it will work with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, a subsidiary of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies (NYSE:JNJ), to identify drug targets and to partner on hit identification and lead optimization of chemical assets.

The partnership will center around Evotec’s end-to-end drug discovery and development platform.

“We are very proud to enter into this collaboration to explore unique approaches to high potential cell surface drug targets with novel therapeutic modalities and to deliver and make innovative therapeutic options available to patients,” said Dr. Cord Dohrmann, chief scientific officer of Evotec, in a press release.

Evotec could receive up to €210 million per project plus tiered royalties related to products ensuing from the partnership.

Earlier this year, Evotec announced a similar collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb focused on protein degradation.

The company also announced a pact with the biop…

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10 leading pharma executives you need to know

Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla [Image courtesy of Pfizer/Business Roundtable]Given the complexity of the pharmaceutical business, it can be challenging to gauge the performance of any chief executive in the space.

That said, CEOs’ annualized return over tenure as CEO over their term can hint at performance. In addition, rating sites like Glassdoor also indicate CEOs’ popularity.

Here, we parsed a range of metrics, including CEOs’ approval ratings, their ability to navigate the pandemic and their firms’ stock performance over time, to identify ten leading pharma executives.

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