Alliance with Google Cloud the latest to help Atropos Health bridge the evidence gap in medicine

The Stanford spinout Atropos Health, which taps real-world data to analyze patient outcomes, disease trajectories, treatment effectiveness, is joining forces with Google Cloud. The company had already forged an alliance with AWS to offer its real-world evidence offerings on the AWS Marketplace and join the AWS Partner Network. The company’s core aim is to give physicians access to rapid, high-quality real-world evidence data to inform daily medical decisions.

There are different numbers out there, but only about 20% of daily medical decisions have high-quality evidence behind them,” said Dr. Brigham Hyde, CEO of Atropos. “We call that issue the evidence gap.” While clinical-decision making is a central focus area, Atropos collaborates with life science companies. “We launched officially in pharma about six months ago,” Hyde added.

Compressing RWD generation from months to minutes

Brigham Hyde, Ph.D.


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